Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Orbis team

It feels so GREAT to be back with the Orbis team--meeting old friends and meeting some new people as well!
This place feels like home. Right now Justin Arbuckle, a resident from Medical University of South Carolina, is teaching phacoemulsification cataract surgery on a very cool surgical virtual reality machine. I will be using the same machine later to teach vitrectomy surgery in a different module.

Meanwhile, live surgery is going on in the back of the plane and is being broadcast to the classroom in the front. Dr. Rishi Mohan from New Delhi is doing a corneal transplant with a local Ugandan doctor. Interspersed with the live feed, Dr.Gogate from Poona, India is giving lectures on phacoemulsification to the classroom.

Other members of the Orbis team are on the internet planning the logistics of flying hospital programs to follow this one.

Tomorrow, I, Dr. Warren Anderson, and two nurses, Leo and Jin Sook, will go to a local hospital to assess their vitreoretinal surgery setup.

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