Sunday, December 09, 2012

To Yelp Or Not To Yelp? Lawsuit Puts The Chill On Bad Reviews

The next time you're about to post a scathing review of a business on a site like Yelp or Angie's List, you might want to think twice.
This week, a housing contractor named Christopher Dietz sued a former customer for $750,000 in defamation charges for what she wrote in a review on Yelp.
Jane Perez wrote that there was damage to her home and that jewelry was missing after she'd had work done from Dietz's company, Dietz Development LLC.
On Thursday, a judge took the unusual step of ordering Perez to take down parts of those reviews.
The lawsuit itself, Goldman says, is a reminder that even though we have the freedom to voice our opinions on the Internet, we also own those words and can be held responsible for them.
"Most people don't realize that they're betting their house ... every time they put their opinions out into the public discourse," he says. "When people realize that, it becomes incredibly inhibiting."

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