Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Songwriter furious that Pandora played his song more than 1.1MILLION times and only paid him $16.89 in royalties

A songwriter is speaking out against the online music streaming site Pandora after the company played his hit single more than 1.1million times and paid him only $16.89 in royalties. 
David Lowery, who is best known as the lead singer for the 1990s alternative rock ban Cracker, said he is outraged that Pandora is now campaigning to lower royalty payments for songwriters even farther. 
He posted his bank statements to show the payouts from Pandora and other outlets - including YouTube, commercial radio and satellite radio - for his 1993 hit single 'Low' and other songs he has written.
The statement covered all royalties for the fourth quarter of 2012. 
He remarked that he made less money on 1.1million plays of his song that he does by selling a single t-shirt at one of his concerts.
'I urge all songwriters to post their royalty statements and show the world  just how terrible webcasting rates are for songwriters,' he wrote on a post the songwriters' blog the Trichordist.

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