Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Vision for Blind Musicians

Raul Midon is a phenomenal musician. I am glad that he is featured in this article on technological advances relevant to musicians with decreased vision.

Raul Midón has been blind since birth. Still, he grew up to excel at guitar, work as a session musician, launch a solo career, release albums on a major label and collaborate with acts like Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder.

Musician Raul Midon has collaborated with stars like Herbie Hancock. But until recently, the blind singer and guitarist has been held back in one respect -- he hasn't been able to operate the computer technology that makes high quality recordings possibly.
Despite his accomplishments, Mr. Midón's blindness once prevented him from joining one of the biggest revolutions in music history. Digital technology transformed bedrooms and basements into recording studios on par with professional facilities, but Mr. Midón, 44, couldn't see the computerized controls that sighted musicians operate to enhanced their music.

Now, Mr. Midón is off the sidelines, armed with new software made for blind musicians. The software essentially translates the visual display of a recording program into computerized speech. By following cues from a robotic voice, Mr. Midón can navigate through the labyrinth of windows and control panels that make up the program. Tapping away at a keyboard, he sets microphone levels and layers the guitar, drum and vocal parts he records in the basement of his Laurel, Md., home.


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Thanks. Be sure to check out some of his music if you get a chance!

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