Saturday, December 07, 2013

Wasps and honeybees can remember individual faces

This blog is amazing for all who are fascinated by science... and this is an example of an article from it....

When these insects view an individual (be it another insect or the person who just pissed them off by swinging a newspaper at them), their field of vision is broken up into hexagons from the thousands of ommatidia that make up the compound eye. Essentially, they process information based on these chunks from the structures in the eye that act as individual units and put the entire picture together. It might not be very clear compared to what we are used to since they don't have a pupil to regulate the amount of light coming in onto the retina, but it is good enough to allow wasps and bees to discern prominent facial features that can be used for identification. - 

Photo credit: Hectonichus

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