Monday, May 01, 2006

The Forgotten Voices of Darfur at The Black Iris of Jordan

A take on the Darfur from a Jordanian blogger...

The Forgotten Voices of Darfur at The Black Iris of Jordan: "Last night I watched Hotel Rwanda for the second time. In the film there is a scene where a camera man named Jack has just captured some horrible images of people being slaughtered and the main character Paul is convinced this footage will force people in the west to pay attention. Jack of course explains the greater reality of the world we live in today by telling him:

I think if people see this footage, they’ll say Oh, my God, that’s horrible. And then…they’ll go on eating their dinners.

I don’t know which tragedy is worse: the fact that thousands have been raped and killed, the fact that the world is generally apathetic, the fact that the Arab and Muslim world in particular is apathetic, the fact that it remains ongoing, the fact that a few years have passed and there are still so many who don’t know what’s going on, the fact that it doesn’t make the news anymore, or the fact that we go on eating our dinners.

The death toll stands at 400,000

Let me repeat that

The death toll stands at 400,000

5,000 every month

2.4 million displaced

In 3 years

The UN calls it “the world’s worst current humanitarian crisis”"

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