Tuesday, May 16, 2006

King warns Saudi media over women

A short news piece that illuminates the great divide in the way women are perceived in the Middle East vs the West...


King Abdullah: "Young people are driven by emotion and the spirit, but the spirit can go astray."

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) -- Saudi
Arabia's King Abdullah, under pressure from Islamists to curb reforms,
has warned local media against showing pictures of Saudi women, local
newspapers reported on Tuesday.

Many Saudis have said they
hope the king, who came to power last year, will loosen strict
political and social mores in the ultra-conservative kingdom which
imposes an austere version of Islam called Wahhabism.

have broken with tradition and have more frequently begun printing
photographs of Saudi women beside stories, usually with hair covered
but faces showing, which many Wahhabi Islamists consider morally wrong.


"There are photographs published in some newspapers ... and one needs
to think if he would want his daughter, sister or wife to appear like
that. Of course, no one would," the king was quoted as saying at a
meeting with newspaper editors late on Monday.

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