Sunday, March 09, 2014

I'm Kelly McGonigal, and This Is How I Work

What do you know--One of my favorite researchers/authors  in the world of psychology has a similar work flow to myself :)

We talk a lot about willpower here at Lifehacker—why it's important, the science behind it, and how to boost it. Kelly McGonigal's career is dedicated to researching these things. As a psychologist and lecturer at Stanford, her work (and most recent book, The Willpower Instinct) focuses on self-control, motivation, procrastination, and how to overcome challenges to create healthier habits. When Kelly's not in the classroom (or on stage at TED), she's a founding member of the Yoga Service Council and group fitness instructor. We stole a few minutes of Kelly's very busy schedule (she did this interview via email on a plane!) to find out her best time-saving tricks, favorite playlists, and most inspiring advice. 

Here is a link to her "Science of Willpower" interview: Link

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